Into the Woods.....

If you go down to the woods today


I believe that once you embrace the environment and natural cycles of life, you will find that everything you need can be found in nature – your own and in the natural world.

Here we will explore ways you can bring nature and the wild outdoors into your life.

I love walking in the woods. More than meadows full of flowers and fields of wheat, more than wild and windy moorlands full of craggy rocks or even by the sea. Add a stream or river and then it is perfect.


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How to Make your own Cosmetics Course

Learn how to make natural cosmetics using pure oils, butters and essential oils.

I will show you how to make your own cleanser, moisturiser, facial oils, body butter and face wash.

Learn what goes best with your skin type and how best to take care of your skin.


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Into the Woods – Blog Posts

April in the Woods

April in the Woods

I love April. The leaves start to come out along with the blossom. Birds are singing, and if you are lucky, you will see your first swallow. The real evidence that spring is here. For foragers there is wild garlic now in flower and garlic mustard among other things. Look out for ducklings in the rivers and ponds.