The Ancient Wisdom of Women

Wise Woman Podcast Series
In this podcast series I am looking at how women can ensure they have a positive experience of growing older and eventually taking their rightful place as a wise elder.


The Ancient Wisdom of Women is a resource for women in the second half of life to help them connect with their wisdom to love themselves and their life.

Welcome to the Wise Woman Podcast Series

Episode 5. Reclaiming the Wise Woman.

In this podcast, I am reclaiming the wise woman.

As a woman in midlife, I am no longer prepared to fade into the background as I get older. I am determined that older women should take our rightful place in society as wise elders.

The wise woman has been with us for a long time and is there to inspire us and see growing older as a privilege instead of dreading it.




Episode 4. Why getting older can be great.

Part 1 – Sorting out your Shit!

Getting older has its advantages. We have been there, done that and also bought the t-shirt and, hopefully, have learnt by experience sometimes the hard way. As we get older we gain a wealth of experience, but some of the negative experiences can leave us with hang-ups and other issues. The good news is that midlife is the best time to take a good hard look at who you are, and why you are that way. Then armed with this knowledge you can heal those old emotional wounds as you have the maturity and skill to do so.

Here is a picture of my sister showing great maturity and skill!





Episode 3. Six things not to do when you’re having a midlife crisis.

Worried you are having a midlife crisis?

Then before you dump your partner, ditch your job, and apply for a one way trip to the moon, listen to this podcast, it might just prevent you from making a really big mistake!





Episode 2. Do you really want to be ‘Hot’ at 50?

Have you noticed all the pictures of celebrities over 50 in bikinis lately? Usually accompanied by remarks from the journalist on how amazing they look for their age! And yes, Courtney Cox and Jenifer Aniston look slim and wrinkle free so good for them. But what about the rest of us, is it good for us too?

I don’t think it is.

Listen to this podcast to find out what I think – here is a hint. I’m not giving up cheese or beer I would rather let it all hang out!





Episode 1. Move over Dr Who – Regeneration is for women in midlife

In this podcast I am looking at our attitude to ageing. That it is not just about years but also about mindset. If we see growing older as a transition instead of a burden then we will have a much more fulfilling second half of life.