How to develop your intuition

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“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”
― Dean Koontz

Growing up I never really had much time for intuition. I thought it was all ‘woo-woo’ and nonsense, one of those supposed feminine qualities that made us irrational. Therefore, I never really thought about developed mine. But, as I got older I decided to embrace my ‘woo’ side, and I realised that we all have intuition. Therefore, not using it is like ignoring one of your senses.

What is intuition?

Using a crystal ball to improve your intuitionWe have all had that gut feeling or hunch about someone. Intuition is sometimes referred to as the sixth sense.  One dictionary definition describes it as an ‘unexplained feeling that something is true without evidence or proof’.

I don’t think that is quite true. So much of our brain’s processes go on at an unconscious level. Our subconscious mind takes in and processes so much more information than we consciously realise. All that data is stored away for further use if we should need it. This means that intuition isn’t just a random thought or feeling. It is tapping in on information based on past knowledge stored in our subconscious. While different to critical analytical thinking, it is just as valuable.

How does it work and why does it matter?

Intuition is a physical sensation often, but not always felt in the chest or stomach area.  For some people, it is manifested in feelings of anxiety or nausea. It is that nagging thought that you just can’t shake, or something just feels right or wrong and you are not sure why.

Intuition has a purpose as part of our survival mechanism. It allows for fast responses to stimuli by using the information we already have rather, than having to wait for new data. While similar to instinct, which is primal and hardwired, it is more flexible and less impulsive.

Many successful people say they rely on their intuition to guide them in business. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Opera Winfrey all admit to using intuition in their business dealings.

5 Ways to Develop your intuition

You may think that you lack intuition or that yours does not work very well. But everyone is intuitive and everyone can learn how to tap into it. It is a mental muscle that can be trained and strengthened. Intuition is like any other skill, if you don’t practice it and use it then it won’t work very well.

Here are a few ways you can improve your intuition.

1. Keep a journal

Journaling is a great way to develop and keep track of your intuition. When you have a dilemma or are trying to make a decision, write down any feelings you have in your body and where they are. Look for patterns, especially coincidence and synchronicities (these are very important) and keep a note. Write down any hunches you have, that way you can start to test how well your intuition is working. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to be doing very well, the following will help fine-tune it.

meditate to improve intuition2. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to connect with your subconscious.  By stilling your mind, you can more easily connect to the here and now. It doesn’t matter what type of mediation you practise, just find the one that is right for you, 10 minutes a day is all you need to do to make a difference.

3. Pay attention to feelings in your body

Take note of where in your body you feel emotions such as fear and excitement. Is it in the same place or in a different area when you are happy or afraid? Are there any physical sensations that go with the emotions? Then see how you feel when you are about to make a decision. Does it feel right or not? Once you can identify the relationship between these feelings and the events that accompany them you can begin to use this knowledge to help make better decisions.

4. Write down your dreams

Your dreams are an expression of your subconscious. By interpreting our dreams, we can gain an insight into what is happening in our life. Everybody dreams but why we dream is still a mystery. One theory is that it is our brain’s way of processing what has been happening during the day; a way of problem-solving with the bonus of improving your memory, even if you don’t remember them!

Write down your dreams in your journal as soon as you wake up as you are more likely to remember them. Write down as much detail as you can. Include any colours, smells, numbers, who or what is in it and any symbols that are present. Then try interpreting their meaning by looking at how they relate to what is worrying you or that can be related to what has been happening in your life. Make sure to take note of any emotions that stand out.

using art to improve intuition5. Nurture your creativity

Even if you do not consider yourself artistic you will have created things. It could be when you are cooking, the way you dress or do your make-up or perhaps you have made Christmas decorations for the house. Everyone has innate creative skills. Creativity can be expressed in many different ways, in art, writing, playing music or any type of problem-solving. The creative process involves tapping into your imagination and intuition. It is like any other skill; you need to practice.

Whether you already have creative hobbies or not it is a good idea to try out new things until you find ones you enjoy. Don’t get disheartened if you’re not creating masterpieces immediately it is about enjoying what you’re doing. If you enjoy it and keep practising you will improve, you never know you may be the next Banksy!


Intuition exists in all of us. But it is not valued as much as other types of thinking. This is a shame as it is something that we can all develop and use to improve our lives. We need to start using and trusting our intuition, after all, it is a shame to waste it.

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