About me

Hi I’m Judith. Let me help guide you in your journey to becoming a wise woman. 

The Ancient Wisdom or Women is the result of a combination of things. Firstly, my love of the power of stories, particularly myths, fairy tales and folklore. Also my keen interest in herbalism and love of nature along with my feminist beliefs in the value and worth of women, especially as they grow older.  Rather than concentrate on one of these interests I decided to bring them all together as the Ancient Wisdom of Women.

Why did I call it  this?

I have called it the Ancient Wisdom of Women as in the past women are honoured and revered as wise elders when they reach menopause. I believe that as women we must reclaim our power and status as wise elders as we grow older. I think that as we get older we should explore the possibilities, not focus on the limitation of growing wiser. This wisdom is gained from our experiences that includes our failures as well as our successes, as well as the questions we have asked and the choices we have made in our lives. They all make us the person we are now. This wisdom should not be taken for granted you do not just become wise and that is it. It is a constant journey – part of that wisdom is knowing that we are always learning.

This website is also about my journey. From an early interest in plants and natural healing to a career in IT that resulted in a breakdown and starting my own business in first IT, then as a hypnotherapist and to the creator of The Ancient Wisdom of Women.

My hope is that this website and the courses I am offering along with it, will help other women (and men if they are interested) to improve their lives in some way.

A bit about me

I was born in Chesterfield in the north of England but now live in by the sea in Clevedon, North Somerset with my partner and two cats. I enjoy walking in the countryside, visiting museums and art galleries. Love listening to music both live and recorded and am a bit of a rock chick!

I enjoy learning new things and am currently taking a foundation course on Herbalism. When I look back at the career I would have undertaken if I could go back in time, it would be something to do with plants and healing. So I decided to study herbalism not necessarily as a career change but definitely to incorporate into the work I do as well as just because I want to. Look out for my blog posts on how I am getting on.

I love cooking and I make chutney, sauerkraut and marmalade as once you have tasted your own home made shop bought is not longer an option. I started making my own cosmetics and wine (yes I was underage) when I was around 16. I still make my some of my own cosmetics but don’t make so much wine now. I do, however make liqueurs including sloe gin, chocolate mint vodka and crème de cassis.

I love reading both ancient and modern tales of myths and fairy tales and the art of storytelling. This interest has developed into a study of psychology and how we can use this knowledge to improve our own lives.

Some of my heroines include Angela Carter, Sharon Blackie, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Stevie Nicks and my Mum.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts and I look forward to you joining me as I honour the Ancient Wisdom of Women.