Wise Woman and Menopause Bundle

Take control of your life and make the best of the second half of your life. Buy How to Become a Wise Woman and the Menopause Survival Programme together and learn how to manage your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



How to become a wise woman

This unique course is aimed specifically at women who are peri-menopausal or who have gone through menopause and are wondering what it means to be a woman in the second half of life.

How to become a wise woman is a 12 part online self-study course. But you can work at your own pace. You will find that some modules do not take very long and others much longer. The advantage of this course is that it is completely up to you how long you take to complete it.

The ‘How to become a Wise Woman’ course is yours to keep forever. That means you can go back to it whenever you like. This means that you can repeat any or all of the course whenever you want to delve into a particular area or to repeat the whole thing again.

The Menopause Survival Programme

This course will show you how with the right information you can navigate your way through menopause in the way that is best suited to you. The programme is full of information and practical advice to help you make simple lifestyle changes to make sure you are healthy and in the best position, physically, emotionally and mentally to enter the next stage of your life.